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The main varieties of wheat grown in India are as follows:

 VL-832,VL-804, HS-365, HS-240 , HD2687,WH-147, WH-542, PBW-343, WH-896(d), PDW-233(d), UP-2338, PBW-502, HW-2044, HW-1085, NP-200(di), HW-741.

Specification Of Wheat:-

Protein (On Wet Basis)11.50 pct. Minimum
Test Weight77 Kg/hl. Minimum
Gluten (on wet basis)26 pct. Minimum
Falling Number400  Minimum
Moisture Content12.00 pct. Maximum
Foreign Matter(FM) /Other Food 2.75 pct.) Maximum
Grain (OFG)(0.75 FM + 2.00 OFG)
Shrivelled/Shrunken/Broken 6.00 pct. Maximum
Damaged Grains(DG)/Weevilled3.00 pct. Maximum
Grains(WG)(2.00 DG+ 1.00 WG)