Pancholy-I Farm Industries Pvt Ltd


Chillies are recognised not only for their brilliant flavour but also for their healing and digestive properties. They are versatile in their usage and can be used in forms such as powdered, cracked or crushed to form flakes that can be used as a dressing.

The red chillies that we, at RKD Agro provide are mature pods and larger seeds of premium quality that have been produced, packed and exported with excellence and expertise.

Chilli Specifications :-

Product Name
Red Chili Powder
ColorBright red
Pungency in SHU
8,000-1,00,000 (Heat)
Size40 to 60 mesh
In New PP Bags lined with polyethene Or Paper Bags
VarietyTeja / S17, Baydgi, 334/ S4,341,DD and Endo-5
CropNew Crop