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Two kinds of black sesame seeds are supplied – General and Z-black. They are of similar consistency and do not contain white seed. They are similarly colored.

Black sesame seeds are used to make bread, cook, candy and oil for therapeutic purposes. The seeds are long-lasting.

Black Sesame Seed Specification:-

Product Description
Black sesame seeds from the plant sesamum indicum L suited for human consumption
ColourBlack to Z- Black (deep black)
GMO status
NON-GMO (not genetically modified)
Storage condition
Cool and dry < 180
Flavor , aroma
Nutty flavor, typical of sesame. Typical sesame aroma, free of foreign odour and rancid taste
Country of origin
Shelf life
12 months ( from production date)
ApplicationsIt is used as a spice condiment or as a garnish in many ethnic dishes and bakery items to enrich taste & nutritional values